Eiichiro Oda Creates Robot Doppleganger to Continue ‘One Piece’ Forever


At 83 volumes, 774 episodes and counting, One Piece is the most prolific series in the anime and manga industry. With other long-form series such as Bleach and Naruto ending in the past few years, speculation has been mounting that One Piece is nearing its conclusion as well.

However, series creator, Eiichiro Oda, has a different kind of ending in mind.

“A short while ago, I looked back on the past decade and realized what I had built up. I saw the great saga that I had unfolded for the world to see,” Oda told Anime Maru. I suddenly became very worried about the future and safety of my legacy, and what would happen after I am no longer here.”

Oda began consulting various therapists, who all recommended that Oda seek closure on his written work. They suggested that a proper conclusion would be what both he and his fans would want the most. This advice could not convince Oda, who then resorted to “drastic measures”.

Oda disclosed that he is currently in a partnership with Anaheim Electronics, an emerging technology contractor. Using their experimental and classified “Psycoframe” technology, Oda is currently duplicating his personality and memories onto an artificial intelligence program, which will activate when Oda’s vital signs cease, and resume Oda’s duty as a mangaka.

“Now my doubts can be laid to rest”, remarks Oda. “Whatever the distant future holds, I leave it to Oda 2.0.”

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