El Hazard Reboot to Take Place in Reality Where No One Has Heard of the El Hazard

Earlier this week, anime studio AIC announced a reboot of 90’s anime franchise El Hazard called El Hazard? that will take place in a reality where the franchise is unknown to both anime fans and the general public.

The program will take place in two different realities. In one reality, the show will feature prominent characters from the franchise. Story elements include Makota in a brand new love triangle, Jinnai hatching a sinister scheme with new allies, and appearances by fan-favorite supporting characters like Dr. Strellbaugh, all set in a universe where no one fucking knows who any of those characters are. The series will fit with all previous continuities while also be appealing for new fans who for some reason are not intimately familiar with the previous series in the franchise.

The second reality will involve a 37-year-old otaku and wannabe anime producer trying to pitch an El Hazard reboot to a world where no anime fan or studio has any knowledge of the series. The character will run a struggling El Hazard website, formerly a top website in a webring but now the only site still running. The character will attend anime conventions dressed as Mr. Fujisawa where he receives only blank stares from other attendees.

The character will also have a recurring plot-line with a long suffering wife who has to hear constantly about plot issues in the middle of El-Hazard: The Wanderers but due to a tragic memory issue she can retain no information about the series.

AIC has suggested that if El Hazard? connects with today’s anime fans as expected, a reboot of Battle Athletes will be developed called Battle Athletes: It is Hard to Believe This Takes Place in 4999 with There Being so Little Technological Advancement and Everything Looking so Mid-90’s.

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