Elon Musk Leaked as Villain of Steins;Gate Sequel


Following the announcement of the Steins;Gate sequel anime and visual novel Steins;Gate 0, an anonymous source close to the project has leaked to Anime Maru that the villain of the story will be none other than inventor and entrepreneur Elon Musk.

Steins;Gate has a proud history of stealing science-y real world subjects like John Titor and CERN, and when we discovered that there was a major figure in the science world whose name was actually ‘Elon Musk,’ we just had to use him.” The leaker further details of Elon Musk’s evil scheme, which involves using his back channels through Paypal and his corporation SpaceX to create a time plane destruction device specifically designed to destroy the most precious moments of everyone close to Okabe Rinatarou.

When Anime Maru contacted 5pb. about the leak, they denied its veracity. “While it is true that Elon Musk is a major character in the sequel, he’s certainly not a villain, in fact, he actively helps out our heroes. Certainly, we at 5pb. would never take advantage of the public’s trust to create a dramatic twist 37 hours into the game. This sort of thing simply isn’t the purpose of Steins;Gate.”

When reached for comment, Elon Musk told reporters, “who would be foolish enough to leak my pla-oh, it’s a visual novel? Never mind then.”

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