Person Tasked With Creating Idol Profiles Clearly Just Making Shit Up


TOKYO, Japan — Multiple sources claimed earlier this week that the profile data for many of the recent characters in Bandai Namco’s Idolmaster franchise is completely arbitrary. The anonymous Bandai Namco Games employee who has the job of creating and detailing new characters for the Idolmaster games often assigns idols’ birthdays, blood types, interests, and other crucial statistics randomly instead of taking into account the idols’ personality, the report claims.

“This is a disgrace,” Komichi Ito, 24-year-old landscape architect and number one Idolmaster fan told Anime Maru. “Why would [Miyao] Miya have a birthday of April 24? She should obviously be an Aquarius or Leo. Instead she’s a Taurus with O type blood that likes sandwiches? What kind of sandwiches? It just doesn’t make any sense.”

“Umi Kousaka? Really? The guy can’t even come up with his own names he has to copy them from Love Live?” Komichi added.

The news has caused a flood of outcry on online message boards, criticizing Bandai Namco for a a lack of effort in world building and character development. One comment read: “[Futami] Ami’s hobbies include ecology, but it’s never expanded upon in the anime. I’ve seen the show 11 times, and not once did I see her doing anything related to ecology: no field studies, no research papers, not even a single mention on the effects of the biosphere on the ecosystem and vice versa. It’s terrible.”

After several hours, debate died down after every agreed that Idolmaster characters still had more personality than actual idols.

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