Episode of ‘After School Dice Club’ Delayed Due to Being Unable to Find a Time That Works With Everyone

The upcoming episode of the anime Houkago Saikoro Club (After School Dice Club) was delayed this week due to ongoing production issues. The studio behind the anime, LIDENFILMS, stated that the reason for the delay was due to writing changes being required in order for the series to continue.

Houkago Saikoro Club makes references to make real-life board games in the show. Staff report that production was going smoothly until they started incorporating references to real-life players in the writing as well.

The latest episode of the series concluded with the main characters, Miki, Aya, and Midori, discussing how they next wanted to try a tabletop RPG. The three decided on starting a Dungeons & Dragons campaign with plans to begin in a week after confirming a time that worked with everyone’s schedules.

Aya originally suggested that they meet the following Tuesday, but Midori reminded her that she had work in the evening and wouldn’t be able to make it. Miki then stated that she could probably do Thursday, but Aya declined saying that she had a doctor’s appointment that day.

The group then decided that they could just wait until the weekend as she wouldn’t have to worry about Miki’s work schedule getting in the way until Miki remembered that she had family visiting that weekend and wouldn’t have enough free time. With no options that week, the three decided that they would postpone until the week after, although neither of the members were yet sure of which days they would be available.

The delayed episode currently has a tentative release date for next week. LIDENFILMS says that viewers can look forward to seeing the club members contacting each other by group chat, claiming that they are still up for it but just not for that week.

If the anime eventually follows the direction of the manga, by the second season the girls will have started their Dungeons & Dragons campaign, only for Aya to disappear off the face of the planet and Midori to incessantly suggest they switch to Shadowrun.

The series is expected to end after the girls start playing The Settlers of Catan and then never want to speak to each other again.

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