‘Eromanga Sensei’ Author no Longer on Speaking Terms with Sister

Tsukasa Fushimi, author of the popular works such as Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai and the currently airing anime Eromanga Sensei, expressed his grief in a recent press event about being unable to speak to his sister for the past month. The light novel author’s sister has reportedly starting to ignore Tsukasa citing the author’s work as the primary reason. Anime Maru investigates this developing family drama.

“I’m not talking to that creep until he quits writing these messed up novels,” Fushimi’s sister told Anime Maru. “My brother has always been kind of… off and I’ve tried to tolerate it as best as I can until now. During the whole Oreimo thing he kept insisting that fiction and reality were separate and that it didn’t at all reflect any of the his views. In hindsight I probably should have just started avoiding him back then, but now with this Eromanga Sensei anime he’s really gone too far.”

Eromanga Sensei can be considered by some to be a spiritual sequel to the Oreimo. The show started airing this season with many similarities to Fushimi’s prior work, mainly being that both of the shows have a focus on sibling relationships.

“My sister is just being tsundere,” Tsukasa Fushimi stated when questioned by our correspondent. “Any similarities are simply a coincidence. For my stories I am just trying to convey the strongest bonds and purest relationships to my readers. To say this is just a projection of some sort of hidden fantasy or something is ridiculous.”

“Let me guess, he made them unrelated by blood or something like that right?” Fushimi’s sister later added. “The parents are probably inexplicably gone for some reason too. I can see what that weirdo is trying to do. And the little sister draws lewd light novel covers for a living? Give me a break. He’s not even trying to be subtle anymore just look at the damn title!”

Tsukasa Fushimi later announced his next project, My Little Sister Can’t Be This Stubborn But She’ll Come Around to it Eventually, or GankoImo for short. The story will feature a light novel author who hasn’t been able to talk to his little sister in over half a year due to family disagreements. The protagonist has to win back his sister’s trust so that the two can promote little sister themed light novels across Japan.

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