Evangelion Funko Pops Make Angels Weep

TOKYO, Japan – The announcement of Funko Pop figurines based on the popular anime Neon Genesis Evangelion has lead to dismay among some of the series’ more hardcore fans. Perhaps most notably, it has lead to a number of angels weeping for the terrible creations.

“When I saw the announcement online, I couldn’t believe they would do something like this. I was heartbroken,” said Sahaquiel with tears leaking from its appendages in a Facebook live video. “And that means a lot coming from me, as I’ve literally had my heart broken by piercing Prog Knives.”

Other angels expressed similar discontent with the announcement.

“You will never see a Funko Pop enter my AT Field,” said Shamshel defiantly. “I do have quite a few Dorbz though, those guys are so cute.”

A number of Twitter users with anime avatars expressed their opinion on the topic despite not being angels or being asked.

“Making Evangelion Pops is sacrilege. As one of the biggest fans of the series I take this personally,” declared a user going by EVAFan19. “I have loved this series ever since I first saw it on Netflix.”

“Actually they are not Angels, messenger is a more accurate translation of the Japanese. Gainax just required them to translate it way,” added WellActuallyOtaku. “What does this actually add to the conversation? I guess nothing.”

Anime Maru reached out to Evangelion director Hideaki Anno for comment who stated that the decision was made just to fuck with fans, as well as to provide more bankroll for his burgeoning Funko Pop collection.

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