Everyone in Gym Notices Person Watching Anime


GLENDALE, AZ — According to multiple eyewitnesses, everyone inside a local gym has noticed that a man running on an elliptical is indeed watching anime on his tablet. Approximately 20 minutes ago, the unidentified male of medium build was spotted walking into the Lifetime Fitness on 1500 Dale Street with a water bottle and a tablet device. Since then, the 17 other occupants of the workout area each independently verified that the man used the Crunchyroll mobile app to watch two episodes of anime.

Reports state that despite the man’s best efforts to conceal his workout entertainment, such as by using earbuds and going to an elliptical machine in the corner of the gym, witnesses were still able to deduce that he was watching anime.

“I think it’s Phantom World,” Jessica Sinclair, a 23-year-old nursing student at the scene, tells Anime Maru. “I definitely feel awkward now because someone is watching anime while working out. I don’t think I can go on.”

The man can rest assured knowing that everyone else in the gym is solely focused on what he is watching, and everyone now thinks he is strange.

“Once I realized he was watching anime I just couldn’t go back to my workout; I had to keep shooting him judgmental glares,” Cody Munnerlyn, 22, states.

At press time, eyewitnesses assert that despite the man’s furtive glances and attempts to conceal his tablet screen by hunching over, they all know that he’s watching “those weird Chinese cartoons”.

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