Everything Bookstore Employee Knows About Manga Learned Against Her Will

THORNTON, CO — Theresa Miller, 27, is the resident manga expert at Pages and Things, local bookstore. Possessing nearly encyclopedic knowledge about the store’s manga collection, Miller is often occupied by the constant stream of customers who enter the store to browse the manga section.

“I started working here after high school because I love books, but one day they had me help this weird guy who was wearing a metal forehead protector,” Miller told Anime Maru. “Before I knew it, I now spend 8 hours a day telling people that Jujutsu Kaisen volume 1 is out of stock and no we do not know when it will be in stock again.”

Miller told Anime Maru that she does not read manga and has no interest in it at all.

“I tried it before, but it’s just not really my thing. I know enough because customers regularly tell me all their unsolicited opinions on every manga we have,” said Miller.

“The other day a gentleman asked for help and then started explaining his opinion on why My Hero Academia has gone downhill. It’s the same stuff I’ve heard at least 20 times, but I nodded along and asked if he needed anything else.”

Miller developed her interest in books at a young age and dreams of opening her own bookstore one day. But for now, she is the “manga person” towards whom all her coworkers direct questions about Japanese media.

“Before this I specialized in poetry; I loved recommending my favorite poetry collections by Natasha Trethewey or Pablo Neruda. Now I help people decide between Chainsaw Man and Demon Slayer.”

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