Expected ‘Uma Musume’ Controversies Already Months Late

Uma Musume of the spring anime season quietly finished airing, leaving an empty hole where angry controversies usually should have been. Only a handful of alert anime bloggers pointed out how the anime features women turned into race horses, non-human instruments used for making money in implied gambling. Few also seemed to have issue with the she-horses also multitasking as idols, an industry which features its own set of much talked problems regarding the portrayal of women. For the developer of mobile game the anime is based on, Cygames, the low amount of controversies comes as a surprise.

“We were planning to use the media attention to sell the anime and the upcoming game”, a Cygames representative commented the situation. “We were waiting for people to put on their criticism goggles and see undertones of prostitution, slavery, implied bestiality and racism and thus market the work for us free, but it seems like the audience just enjoyed the series instead. We put so much effort into this, this wasn’t the outcome we wanted.”

The studio briefly considered the possibility that internet might actually not be full of people waiting to be offended at things, but quickly disregarded this speculation for a more plausible explanation: the premise for the series simply wasn’t questionable enough.

P.A. Works teased that they would be working with Cygames on a new anime project to pick up the reins of what Uma Musume failed to achieve: an ecchi isekai series featuring anthropomorphic animal middle school girls who one day find themselves transported to another world loosely themed around World War II. The characters must form idol units for some inexplicable reason in order to save their school while also dealing with the romantic feelings that they being to have towards one another.

At press time, P.A. Works staff were reportedly searching on Twitter for light novel authors with the most racist tweets.

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