Experimenting Begins on World’s First Biologically Engineered Nekomimi


For the first time in history, two nations have united in the field of genetics with the intent to engineer a fusion of species. USA-based Applied Biosystems in California has partnered with Kazusa DNA Research Institute in Japan are actively collaborating to bioengineer the world’s very first cat girl.

Inoue Takeda, project manager from Kazusa, spoke with reporters Wednesday afternoon about the process. Takeda explains, “It’s really rather amazing, having such a large team unite to take on a specific project, but we’re all throwing ourselves into it and working very hard to make this a reality. At the current point in time, we have managed to splice the genes in such a way that our second generation subject host cat has accepted the transfer of human ears. Once we can enable functionality, we can begin reverse engineering the genome for use on human subjects. Our legal department has already begun negotiations for human testing.”

Takeda’s colleague Kanryu Orihime provided more insight into the project by describing the teams assigned to the project. “We have several divisions cooperating with one another in order to make this dream a reality. We have the legal department who, in addition to currently securing the clearance for human testing, are working on the logistics of the end goal, which is domestic ownership. We have a team of social science researchers and behavioral scientists working on eliminating ferality and allowing a harmonious blend of feline and human mental faculties. We have a robotics division running simulations and working alongside our think tank for quality control purposes. We also have the largest unit in bio-genetics doing the real meat of the work here, splicing, growing, and working on the physical aspect of the job.”

Joshua Bergmeiyer of Applied Biosystems adds, “I just can’t wait to get these cat-girls out of the way so we can finally get to work on inumimi.” His wistful gaze at the Holo and Momiji posters in his corner of the lab tell us all we need to know about his true intentions. “Wan,” he whispers as he goes about decoding feline genes.

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