Experts: Nyaa Downtime So Severe It Could Lead To Use Of Legal Streaming

Nyaa Downtime

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – The extended downtime of the popular website Nyaa Torrents has had such a devastating impact on anime viewers that it could lead many of them to do what was previously considered unthinkable – purchasing a subscription to legal streaming services.

“That’s how bad things are getting,” said Mike Trager of the Center for Digital Media Consumption think tank. “Users who until very recently openly mocked the idea of legal streaming are suddenly wondering whether to just get a Crunchyroll sub or add a FUNimation sub as well. It’s madness.”

Trager’s colleague, Marcia Masterson, tends to agree: “The shit-posting chatter has been radically different in the last two days. The early confidence that this was just an inconsequential matter was replaced with a growing sense of dread that we could be facing a new reality. Accordingly, even staunch pro-piracy users have begun to hint that they may be going legit.”

“People value stability,” explained one message board user, “and the feeling that we have been abandoned by Nyaa is so overwhelming that many of us would rather abandon our morals and actually pay to receive the product legally than face such a situation again.”

However, the user was quickly dismissed as an idiot since he had an anime avatar.

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