Facebook Anime Meme Page Admin Finally Comes to Terms with Life

Vince Randolph, an administrator for an anime meme page on Facebook, was reported to have come to terms with his existence earlier this evening. Randolph had been running the Facebook page “Dank Animemes for Edgy Teens” for nearly a year before the constant posting of worn out jokes, jpeg anime girls, and poorly structured image text began making the page admin to start to contemplate the purpose of his actions. Randolph reportedly spent several hours staring blankly at his monitor as he slowly lapsed into existential crisis.

“I was in the middle of uploading some images I found on iFunny when it just all of a sudden hit me,” Randolph told Anime Maru. “What was the purpose of me doing this? Am I really accomplishing anything in my life? I’ve basically just spent a significant portion of my life reposting poorly compressed images for people with non-existent attention spans.”

Randolph described his typical day spent crawling various social media outlets and image boards looking for new pictures to post. Images remained largely unedited unless they included credits or watermarks, in which case they would be cropped out. Randolph admitted that he likely did so in order to deceive himself into thinking that he had amassed a collection of unique original content rather than facing the harsh truth that he had no creativity to display of his own fruition.

As more anime meme pages began to pop up on Facebook, Randolph revealed that he had began to post more and more frequently, often at the expense of quality, in order to feel like he could keep up.

“I was so caught up on trying to post the latest memes that I was barely even paying attention to what I was doing anymore,” Randolph stated as he scrolled through one of the many Gabriel Dropout images he had posted last week. “A man can only take so many recycled jokes before he starts to question himself.”

While posting multiple images of Kanna from Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid onto his Facebook page, Randolph told our correspondents that he briefly considered going out into the real world before determining the option to be far too difficult, choosing instead to simply accept that his moment in time was but an insignificant blink of existence when compared to the vast history and scope of an infinite universe of which we have barely even begun to understand. As we left the scene, Randolph had returned to his desk to post screenshots of Anime Maru articles, without a link and with the masthead cropped out.

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