‘FAKKU Dating’ Shuts Down After Waifu Trafficking Incident

fakku_traffickingTo some, it may come as a surprise to see that FAKKU Dating has shut its doors after roughly a month of unrivaled success. Sources say that the dating service was just simply an April Fool’s prank, but Anime Maru digs deep for the facts; we discovered that FAKKU Dating being nothing more than an “April Fool’s prank” is a sham — a PR attempt at hiding away “despicable” user activity.

An Anime Maru correspondent recently sat down with former FAKKU employees in regards to the truth behind FAKKU Dating’s termination. “It was horrible,” an ex-employee stated. “We had a feeling things wouldn’t go as planned, so we marketed FAKKU Dating as an April Fool’s joke, and oh boy, were we right in doing so.” Another employee exclaimed, “It all started out as one would expect. Guys pretending to be hot teenage girls, people using the site as an outlet to promote their terrible YouTube channels – but it eventually grew into something far more sinister. More and more folks started to partake in ‘waifu trafficking’. They didn’t want to come off as unfaithful, so instead of just sticking with one waifu, they’d start swapping with other people. Since most of these people are gullible enough to pay actual money for hentai doujinshi, I didn’t think they’d stoop so low. It got so out of hand that the anime licensers were threatening to take legal action.”

A higher up at ASCII Media Works confirms this in a recent interview with Newtype USA. “When Fushimi-san created Sagiri Izumi’s character, he did so with the expectation that she would be put in wholesome, non-threatening situations that the whole family could enjoy. He never wanted something so cruel and dehumanizing to happen to his beloved characters. Our waifus deserve better than this. FAKKU Dating must be stopped before it is too late.”

FAKKU Dating has no plans of returning anytime soon. However, an anonymous hacker has released the dating service’s code to the public and more waifu trafficking sites are predicted to be on the rise.

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