Famous People Possibly Capable of Liking Anime

The social unacceptability of the entire anime medium was thrown into question yesterday when an American celebrity made a tweet about how they enjoyed anime themselves. The tweet features the moderately famous individual posing with a Hello Kitty bag accompanied by a statement proclaiming that they are “obsessed with anime”.

Within hours the post quickly became the most shared post on the celebrity’s account, gathering major interest on reddit and other outlets. Many fans praised the individual for having in interest in something previously thought only capable of being consumed by the most desperate and outcast members of society.

“I can’t believe that a well known person could actually enjoy anime,” enthusiast Josh Genston told Anime Maru. “I’m not sure why it particularly matters to me. Maybe I’m just so insecure about my personal hobbies that I constantly look for validation in people I perceive more successful than myself. That or maybe I’m just happy for an excuse to spam anime images on social media. It’s probably at least one of those things.”

Others were more quick to dismiss the claim, accusing the celebrity of simply mentioning a subgroup in order to grab attention – despite how unlikely a case that would be. Some began questioning the celebrity directly in hopes of receiving a less vague response.

“There’s no way you are a real anime fan,” stated one comment by Twitter user BokuNotMyHeroAcademia. “If so, then name your top 50 anime series of all time in order of release.”

Despite such a reasonable request, the celebrity has yet to respond to the user’s attempt at accurate fandom analysis. Doubts were set aside, however, when the celebrity later posted a comment about Sailor Moon undoubtedly proving to fans that their interest must be genuine in order to know of such an obscure title.

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