Fan Determined to Share New, Unique Opinion on ‘Sword Art Online’

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After finally watching the anime hit Sword Art Online for the first time, 3 years after it originally aired, local anime fan Dominic Stevens, has determined that the internet must hear of his opinion on the very famous anime, claiming that his opinion is “fresh” and “an insight that the internet has never heard before.” Stevens said he feverishly typed his review within minutes after finishing the anime.

Stevens went on to state that the community would really love his distinct and unique opinion, assuring us and himself that it wouldn’t just be another generic critique that the anime community has seen from hundreds others. He reiterated that he is far more intelligent than the average anime watcher, and his opinions alone would stand out against the sea of thousands of Sword Art Online reviews.

You really don’t understand. Even though it’s been 3 years since it aired and there are tons of reviews and threads about this show, my review will be hailed as the end-all of all SAO opinions. My superior anime mind has cultivated the perfect opinion that fans will find refreshing and stimulating. Luckily it wont take them too long to read, too, because I could only come up with about 2 paragraphs worth of material…

We sat down with Stevens and pulled up some other Sword Art Online threads from various online anime discussion forums and ask for his response.

Wow, there’s so many threads up already, which means they really won’t see my post of pure gold coming even more once I unleash it on them. I doubt there has been a review as fantastic and thought-provoking as mine.

When shown some of the top-rated Sword Art Online reviews, he responded:

Dang those are some pretty good ideas. However, my 2 paragraph ramble is sure to be something unique.

When asked what he thought about Sword Art Online II, he retorted:

Wait, what? there was a second one? Sorry I’m not too big into the community so I don’t really know what’s current.


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