Fan Patiently Waits for Internet to Tell Him How He Feels About Anime


LENEXA, KS — Following the end of the 2015 summer anime season, local resident and anime fan Carlos Monroe is reportedly still waiting for the internet to tell him how he should feel about the anime he watched this season. Monroe, 24, reported that members of the local anime club asked him what his favorite shows from last season were, but to his horror he could not answer as he has not yet had a chance to gauge the opinion of the online community.

“I really can’t say whether I liked it or not. I’m hoping the community can form my opinion for me and create my arguments for why I feel that way about the anime. It’s just the waiting right now that’s killing me. I mean I feel like I almost watched it for nothing,” Monroe told Anime Maru.

“I don’t wanna take any chances on this by trying to form my own opinion; I tried that once with Evangelion. I watched it and thought it was alright but not that great of an anime. Boy was I wrong. Luckily the brilliant people of Reddit and 4chan saw my terrible opinion and corrected me.”

The Monroe explained that he was excited for the new winter season, and was hopeful the anime internet community will tell him what he should be excited for and what he wants to watch, as he said he has no real idea what any of his tastes are.

As of press time, Monroe was furiously refreshing the Anime News Network forums, looking for new anime threads to read.

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