Fan Service Industry Suffering


WASHINGTON, DC – A new Pew Research Center study shows a substantial decline in the income of fan repairmen and service centers in recent years, largely connected to the negative public view of the term “fan service.”

“The correlation seems unmistakable,” said statistics expert Carla Chambers, who analyzed the study’s polling data. “We use computer models that tracked social media and other internet forums and mined positive and negative comments related to the term ‘fan service.’ We then compared that data to extensive polling conducted with fan repairman and service centers, and the results show that on a season-to-season basis, the more people complain about fan service in shows, the less people are inclined to get their fans fixed.”

The results came as no surprise to Lou Derricks, the owner of “Lou D. Fan Service” In Yardville, NJ. “The kids these days, they see the sign up front and they immediately think I’m some kind of smut peddler. Then their fans break down and they just buy new ones instead of coming to get the old ones fixed.”

Derricks is currently in the process of changing the name of his business. “I figured I would go for something more professional-sounding like Yardville Appliance Operations Inc. or YAOI for short. Kids love acronyms. They’ll be coming around in no time.”

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