Fans Devastated Rumored Pachinko Machine Revealed To be Anime


Fans around the internet were hugely disappointed to learn earlier this week that the highly anticipated adaptation of Rewrite, a visual novel developed by Key, will be an anime series instead of a new set of pachinko machines as previously reported.

Rewrite is Key’s ninth game, the studio also being known for Little Busters, Clannad, and Kanon. When it was released, Rewrite was the top-selling game in Japan.

“Dammit, first Kizumonogatari and now this? I was looking forward to playing Kotori’s route on pachinko. Turns out it’s just an anime. Got us again!,” a comment on 2ch read.

Another commentor online responded, “I was really excited about Rewrite. I haven’t been this excited at a promo since Haruhi Hunting. What a letdown.”

This has been the latest example of early promotions generating hype and speculation from the pachinko community, only turning out to be an anime. Last fall, a promotional video was released announcing Macross Delta, only for it to be confirmed as an anime airing in April 2016 several weeks later. Some particularly annoyed fans were critical of the industry’s tactics.

“An anime? Talk about milking the cash cow. What’s the appeal of an anime series anyway? You just sit on your ass and watch it. There aren’t even any balls bouncing around!”

With these latest developments, there appears to be no recourse for pachinko fans except to console themselves by playing some Prism NanaGurren LagannSteins;Gate, Silent Hills, Haruhi, Persona, Strike Witches or Evangelion pachinko games.

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