Fans Eagerly Wait for New Shows to Start Sucking


A family excitedly watches Nanana’s Buried Treasure begin its downward slide

NAGOYA — Moriyama Takeshi sits alone in front of his computer, the monitor’s light illuminating his unkempt face. He reacts to what he sees on screen with a varying cycle of expressions. One second he smiles wryly, the next he furrows his brow.

“Yep, its happening right now. This plot twist makes absolutely no sense,” he remarks about episode four of Nanana’s Buried Treasure. “In the next few episodes they’re also going to wedge in some dumb romance and then the show will be completely done for.”

Anime fans around the world are waiting in anticipation for this season’s unexpectedly decent shows to begin their inevitable relapse into mediocrity.

“It usually begins this week, though a handful of shows may survive as far as episode 5 or 6,” noted Moriyama.

“I dunno, I think No Game No Life has a chance,” Seattle native Ryan Norris asserts, despite a near certainty that he will be completely and utterly disappointed with the anime by the final few episodes. He is among a minority of fans naively hoping that this season’s “surprisingly decent” anime somehow avoid resorting to fanservice, neglecting character development, and disintegrating their own plots due to abysmal writing.

Other fans have a more realistic expectation for the anime industry, molded after countless seasons of experience.

“I’ve been watching Black Bullet and Soul Eater Not and they are actually composed and paced pretty well,” said Steven McNutt of Baltimore. “I’m looking forward to the two shows completely imploding.”

“You have to be patient with anime. Some shows take a while to start sucking,” McNutt added. “A few shows are just bad right from episode 1, but not every anime can be Nisekoi.”

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