Fans Excited For ‘Love Live: Sunshine’ to Come Out So they Can Complain About It

Fucking Aquors knock off bitches


News and hype continues to rise over the upcoming Love Live! spin-off: Love Live! Sunshine!!, airing in the summer of 2016. Fans all over the web and conventions have been expressing their excitement and energy over the spin-off coming out so they can then later complain about how terrible it is. We spoke to some very hyped individuals to hear why exactly they are excited for this:

Well it’s just too exciting. I can’t wait to see it, and when I do, you better believe all the shittiest forums will abuzz with me and many other fans letting you all know how terrible Aqours will be, umm, I meant is. Those flat bitches will never be able to fill the hole in my heart left by “Love Live!”, and I’m just glad we finally get to talk about it.


These fucking sluts will never replace the purity of μ’s, and plus, like, what do they have to work for?! In the first those genius girls were trying to save their school, these cabaret dancers don’t have anything to be motivated about! Why would anyone watch this piece of garbage loli-pandering,worst-girl pushing, bland…….Oh, will I watch the new show? Well yea man, how else am I going to know whether I’ll like it or not?…


I mean I hate the show already even without watching, but how am I supposed to give my honest opinion on how these garbage-pail girls could never fill μ’s’ shoes until I watch an episode myself. I mean it’s just terrible to give opinions you’ve formed without even watching a single episode. No one will take you seriously when you spew shit from the keyboard, so you need to watch the show to have you shit be taken seriously.



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