Fans Forget Which Shows to Hate in Current Season


Every new anime season brings a new batch of shows, memes, waifu, and bandwagons for fans to hop on. But arguably the best part of every season is more and more new, imaginative, and compelling anime produced by fresh, new studios. We at Anime Maru love us some community interaction, and since anime fans are only capable of hating (albeit some shows less than others), we decided to ask which shows were getting the brunt of the hate this season.

Here are just some of the responses we got in random interviews:

Uh… there’s, uh… Boku no Picodemia? I think I heard about something like that on reddit so it probably sucks.


What’s that one with the bear? It’s a bestiality hentai with Leonardo DiCaprio, right? It’s probably bad; that Oscar was out of pity to shut people up.


I dunno, I’ve just been watching Game of Thrones.


There’s another season of that? Why?


Haha I love anime! What’s there to hate other than no Sword Art Online season 3 yet, amirite?


I haven’t watched any seasonal stuff, I’m still trying to finish my thesis on how deep Oregairu season 2 was.


Wait, Trigger is making a show right now?


Attack on Titan season 2 started but they changed the art style so you could actually tell the characters apart this time and also they changed the name and also there aren’t any titans.

Out of all of the people we interviewed, none could name more than one or two shows actually airing this season. This certainly doesn’t bode well for the sales numbers of any of the shows airing this season, not that it matters though since western fans usually assume that as long as they have a Crunchyroll account they have some crucial role in supporting the medium.

Hopefully the Summer season will be a bit more exciting. We here at Anime Maru are waiting on the edge of our seats, after all there are some shows next season whose sources are so good, there’s no way the adaptation could be messed up somehow!

what could go wrong

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