Fans Petition Anime Studios to Make More Shows About Their Hobbies


TOKYO, Japan — Throngs of self-proclaimed anime fans took to the streets early Monday morning, marching in a demonstration to encourage various anime studios to make anime that involve their own specific hobbies. According to leaders of the movement, the group created a petition that requested that anime studios make more anime that appeal to specific interests and that petition has more than 35 thousand signatures.

“There are anime about rugby, collectible card games, mahjong, railroads, and building gunpla,” Toshiro Matsuzaka tells Anime Maru. “Studios are eager to make anime about every interest out there, but what about my hobby? How come there are no anime about collecting traffic cones?”

Members of the group recognize that the anime industry readily makes anime about diverse interests to appeal to viewers, but many feel left out as there has yet to be an anime about their own specific hobby.

“Anything would do. Action adventure, drama, a slice of life with a bunch of cute girls drinking tea at 2MHz, anything,” ham radio enthusiast Jason Palmer pleaded over an intercom outside of J.C. Staff’s studio headquarters.

Members of the Degree Confluence Project, a community dedicated to using GPS to visit exact locations of integer latitude and longitude intersections around the world, went so far as to deliver a script to anime studio Silver Link. A member described the story as a “tender story with yuri undertones of a young high school girl who meets a senpai who gets her involved with the degree confluence club. As the two travel to rural Mongolia in search of 50°N 92°E, their feelings for each other develop.” The screenplay insists on casting voice actress Kana Hanazawa.

While scuba divers were noticeably absent this year, dozens of eggshell carvers, historical reenacters, competitive stone skippers, antique calculator collectors, and air traffic control radio enthusiasts gathered alongside hundreds of other niche fandoms to hope that one day, their hobby will be represented in anime. Though at least one person was overheard just asking for another season of Shirobako.

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