Fashion Trends Shift as “Smug” Becomes the New Tsundere

Summer has reached its peak, which means the new season of fashion is upon us. After so many seconds of full-time research and reporting on the anime fashion world here at Anime Maru, we thought that nothing would be able to surprise us. The Oscars have proven the whole community wrong.

After receiving noted recognition from the Academy about how “people still won’t shut up about [Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie Part III: Rebellion]”, the lead actress, Madoka Kaname, was awarded the Oscar for Best Deity for the fifth time since the movie premiered less than two years ago.

As Kaname was exiting the theater, one of Anime Maru’s cameramen captured the boisterous and ostentatious look that redefined haute couture and put the fashion world on its head.

Kaname expressing her feelings over winning the hearts of millions along with her fifth Oscar.


The trend, dubbed “smug”, quickly spread through the community. Former pioneers of the “tsundere” fashion movement, characteristically not wanting to be outdone, were the first on board. Tsunderes were in desperate need of a new identity, having lost steam after the Diagnostic and Statistics Manual of Mental Disorders classified tsundere as “an outward expression of mental instability and social ineptitude.”

Since the Oscars, the Anime Maru Photo Team has been able to capture many of the former tsunderes sporting their new smug looks.

Who wore it best?


We want your opinion on the new smug trend: hot or not?

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