Figure Collector Just Likes Looking At Boxes


HOUSTON, TX – For many anime fans, collecting figures is a popular way to express their liking toward a certain franchise or character. From an aesthetic perspective, figures make excellent display pieces, with more premium examples being works of art in themselves.

Things are different for Wright Turner, an avid 22-year-old figure collector living  in Texas. His motivations for pursuing the hobby are – mildly put – unusual.

If one were to glance at his collection, they would see nothing but countless unopened boxes haphazardly stacked and gathering dust.

“People may say that figures are meant to be displayed, but for me that is hardly the case,” explained Turner. “In my opinion, there is nothing more pleasing than seeing the the packaging itself in a crisp, unopened condition.”

Turner defends his way of thinking as “anything but unusual”, rather likening it to “a form of perfectionism”.

“It makes me feel at peace, knowing that the contents inside are untouched, safe from the hazards of the outside world.”

“A lot of people think that I’m planning to sell off my collection, but they couldn’t be more wrong,” Turner continued. “I love all of my figures equally and definitely don’t regret purchasing any of them.”

Turner denied that he was simply lazy for not wanting to deal with the inconveniences of displaying, cleaning, and transporting the PVC statues. While Turner’s nearly fetishistic obsession with boxes is surely peculiar, he notes that the boxes protect the precious contents inside from the hot glue that occasionally gets on his walls.

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