Florida Man Blocks Traffic Attempting to Get “Isekaied”

TAMPA, FL — A man in Florida was forcibly removed from public roads earlier today, according to local authorities. Reports indicate that the man had spent the morning blindly walking out into traffic and standing in intersections much to the annoyance of drivers. A truck driver eventually pulled over and phoned local police who arrived at the scene and detained the individual.

The man, identified as 31-year-old Leonard Howell, when questioned about his reckless behavior, claimed he was trying to “get isekaied” – a reference to the fantasy genre involving characters being transported to another world after a sudden event.

Tampa authorities have discouraged others from attempting similar stunts and advised to always look in both directions before crossing public roads.

“We highly advise against anyone attempting to cross public streets in such a reckless manner,” stated Chief of Police Robert Stalwart. “Besides, there are much better ways to be transported to another world such as through a virtual reality video game or, what is most commonly used here in Florida, recreational drugs.”

No individuals were harmed during the incident. Howell was later charged with violating pedestrian traffic laws.

The case marks the second in isekai related incidents for city. The other involving a man renting a U-Haul truck earlier in the year with intentions of getting a friend to knock him unconscious with the vehicle.

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