‘Food Wars’ Inspires Otaku to Create Various Food Abominations


The second season Food Wars! (Shokugeki no Souma) has proven to be a big hit, and it’s one of the most popular shows airing this season. Adapted from a manga by Tsukuda Yuuto, the show is set to air its season finale this week.

The anime follows Yukihira Souma, a talented and driven teenage boy who enrolls in the most competitive cooking school in Japan. The show has been praised not only for its over-the-top style, but also its exploration of high cuisine from around the world. Instead of physical combat found in many shounen anime, characters compete with their creativity; deploying rare ingredients, esoteric cooking styles, and knowledge of world cuisine.

The show’s focus on fine dining has caused a spike of interest in haute cuisine among viewers, though to sometimes disastrous results.

“I usually just eat instant ramen all day, but [Food Wars] inspired me to try making food myself,” Evan Stillman, 24, tells Anime Maru. “Food Wars taught me to be creative and fearless when cooking. So even though I didn’t really know what I was doing, my peanut butter and halibut Doritos souffle came out of the microwave wonderfully.”

“It was physically glowing, just like food in the show.”

Eager fans have shared original recipes such as Pizza Rolls with pineapple and mayonnaise, microwaved popcorn and fish stick cartoccio, chocolate squid tempura, and a Little Caesar’s $5 pizza with a few Kraft singles and ketchup on top.


Another report identifies a Food Wars fan in Japan who tried to recreate Souma’s Porridge-Style Pacific Saury Rice, which was featured prominently this season. Though saury was not available to him at the time, he instead combined instant rice, milk, tuna, and Cheetos powder to create a unique interpretation of Souma’s famous dish.

We caught up with Taylor Erickson, an anime fan that was so inspired by the show that despite no cooking experience, he quit his software development job to pursue his dream of opening a restaurant.

Shokugeki no Souma is an incredible anime because it really inspired me to chase my dream,” Erickson tells Anime Maru while standing over what appeared to be a lobster stuffed into a baby cow. “You see the characters on the screen preparing this crazy stuff, and it can’t go wrong. Everything is delicious. It’s all about creativity. I just knew I could do it, too.”

As of press time, Erickson’s new restaurant has been praised by Food Network personality Guy Fieri as “the capital of Flavortown”, specifically praising the Raisin Bran and Bologna Ratatouille paired with past expiration date apple juice.

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