Former Computer Club President Exposed on Past Sexual Assault Allegations


A major Tokyo-based technology firm came under fire this week when photos emerged of its CEO committing apparent acts of sexual abuse. Konuma Yasashi, current CEO of Takai Systems and president of the Computer Research Society during his time in high school, has been accused of sexually assaulting a female student in the club room he administered.

In leaked photos, Yasashi is seen groping the breast of a female student before pushing and then forcefully pinning her to the floor. The claims come as a shock to Takai Systems whose public image has suffered as a result of the allegations.

Mikuru Asahina, the female student identified in the photographs, has yet to come forth to confirm the sexual assault charges. As she appeared visibly distraught in the pictures of the incident, many assume that she has remained silent due to immense trauma sustained during the event.

Yasashi has denied all charges against him, claiming he was forced into a position that implied sexual misconduct. The photos were a means to blackmail himself and exploit the computer club, according to Yasahi, with the intent to gain access to the club’s resources at the time. He had assumed that the photos had been deleted years ago and the incident would not come back to haunt him.

Former club members and witnesses to the event have come forward backing up Yasashi’s claim that he had been forced into the situation against his will. Some have said that they recall that the president was merely knocked over into Asahina, creating the position seen in the photographs. However, the legitimacy of these claims has been contested due to many former members currently being employed by Takai Systems. An anonymous tip has also suggested that several club members may have also been perpetrators of the assault.

Yasashi stated he would step down from his position at Takai Systems due to the negative publicity. As the claims would likely make it difficult for him to find another position in the tech industry, Yasashi stated his intention to move into American politics where his past sexual assault charges would not be an issue.

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