Former NEET Disappointed by ‘Working!!’ Environment

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NORMAN, OK — Local NEET-turned-productive-member of society Chad Wilson, 35, is disappointed by the real world. After watching all three seasons of Working!! and catching up to the currently airing WWW.Working!!, he decided to change his lifestyle by leaving his basement and starting to work at a diner himself — his local Denny’s. While he was initially positive about doing something with his life and making some money for once, his new job has quickly given him a number of problems.

“None of my female co-workers carry around a traditional Japanese sword, none of the chefs look like delinquents, and the manager actually cares if I’m working or not,” complains Wilson. “I had hoped that least my friends from school would come over to hung out, but have you seen the type of people that hang out at Denny’s?”

Other problems Wilson has faced include coping with the sun, remembering to shower, and the lack of subtitles when foreign customers talk.

“No shit his school friends don’t come over — he’s in his 30’s. I don’t even think he had friends back in high school,” Wilson’s manager Abigail Horne told Anime Maru. “Everyday he asks me to cut my hair and color it red-orange, and to make him chocolates; even though I have a restraining order on him after he asked me to punch him daily.”

At present time Wilson is considering quitting his job at Denny’s and is getting a job at McDonald’s to see if Satan works part time there.

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