Forum User Falls Into Lawsuit For Unmarked Spoilers


A simple discussion about anime turned into utter chaos this past weekend, as a user on MyAnimeList now faces lawsuits due to unmarked spoilers. The user in question goes by the username HestiaIsWorstia123. He was initially having a simple discussion with other users about Fullmetal Alchemist, until Plebboi59, got offended by his lack of a tag.

“This HestiaIsWorstia guy is a serious punk,” Plebboi59 tells Anime Maru. “He decides to spoil a show I had planned to watch over a year ago, but still didn’t get to watching yet, by saying that Ed and Al’s mother died. How on Earth am I going to be able to properly enjoy it now?”

“This hasn’t been the first time he’s spoiled a show for me, either. The first thing he did was say that Light was Kira in Death Note. That ruined any fun I had in watching that show. Then spoiled something for me the second time, telling me that Goku goes Super Saiyan. Is this guy kidding me? I know he’s never seen One Outs, so I’ll spoil something for him in that show: three strikes and you’re out!”

This lawsuit has split the anime community more than any waifu war possibly could. MahoukaRules484, a long-time MyAnimeList user, had this to say: “Screw HestiaIsWorstia! The tag is there so that people don’t spoil shows I should have already seen! Forget about the fact that ‘it’s common knowledge’, and be considerate. The guy doesn’t even have a good username. Danmachi is just some light novel adaptation trying to ride off the coattails of Sword Art Online that everyone stopped talking about the minute it finished! My grandma knows Hestia is worstia by now!”

On the other hand, another user by the name of HestiaIsWorstiaFan had a much different opinion. “Plebboi59 is such an idiot. Does the guy not even realize that by saying these plot points to the interviewer, he’s not thinking of him? Pleb has no idea whether or not the guy interviewing knows about these spoilers! I get him trying to get back at HestiaIsWorstia and all, but he should really try considering the interviewer’s feelings!”

Who do you agree most with: Plebboi or HestiaIsWorstia? Let us know in the comments below!

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