Four Games to Play After You’re Bored With ‘Genshin Impact’

What’s wrong? Resin-gating got you in a sour mood? Tired of speeding through your dailies like a chore? Or did you naively install this Chinese spyware expecting a legitimate RPG experience?

Either way, it’s no secret that Genshin Impact’s endgame is a bit too shallow to satisfy even the most savvy of whales, as oxymoronic as that sounds.

But fear not, as there exist plenty of games to make that arduous wait for the next weekly reset just a bit more bearable.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

I’m genuinely surprised that Nintendo didn’t go trigger-happy with the lawsuits this time around. Maybe they had a hunch that this game would faceplant within a month and leave their bottom line unscathed.

That one Tales game you never finished

It’s time to dust off the PS3 and take care of unfinished business. Plus, the Tales games are legitimate ARPG’s (and very solid ones at that), which is probably more than what Genshin can ever hope to offer.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Pulling a jpeg of your favorite waifu is pretty great, but I doubt it’s as exhilarating as unboxing a coveted knife. There’s quite nothing like admiring the luster of a Black Pearl or the sheen of a Blue Gem. And with drop rates in the fractions of fractions of a percent that will make any seasoned gacha veteran weak in the knees, that hypothetical rush of dopamine will be all the more euphoric.

Destiny 2

Do you enjoy games with content more stale than K-pop music? Do you feel compelled logging in every day, grinding the same boring dailies? Do you enjoy getting pegged by atrocious RNG? Do you go brigading on social media, complaining to the devs that there’s nothing left to do and that their game sucks, instead of just playing something else? Has anyone called you an insufferable prick?

If you answered yes to most of these, then congratulations! You are not only a Genshin player, but a Destiny player as well and you didn’t even know it.

These games are no doubt two of a kind. Just ask that Paul Tassi guy from Forbes. Why else would he get hooked on this stupid anime game once he burnt out on Destiny?

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