Fraudulent Anime Fan Doesn’t Even Know How Figure Skating Works


SALEM, OR — The credibility of 22-year-old Andrew Powell was seriously challenged this week when it was revealed that despite claiming to be a “hardcore” anime fan, his knowledge of figure skating was limited at best. Witnesses began to suspect the self-professed “otaku” when he misidentified a loop as a toe loop while watching Yuri on Ice.

Dustin O’Leary, a friend of Powell who was watching the show with him, was immediately suspicious but assumed that Powell had misspoke. “There’s no way someone as in to anime as Andrew would mix up a pick jump with an edge jump,” O’Leary told Anime Maru.

Others at the gathering pressed the issue and quizzed Powell about the details of the step sequences in protagonist Katsuki Yuri’s routine, and Powell’s charade as a true anime fan was quickly unraveled.

“This pleb says he’s a big anime fan but he doesn’t know shit about figure skating,” another witness at the scene commented. “I bet you he doesn’t know anything about concert band, either.”

For Powell, who has completed more than five hundred shows and has been following anime for more than a decade, it’s been a tough few days. He’s been remanded back to attending his high school anime club and asking “what show is this?” whenever people post screen-caps on social media. But despite his struggles, Powell understands that true anime fans have preexisting deep technical knowledge of every peripheral subject explored by the anime they watch.

At press time, Powell ‘s newly-opened restaurant in Paris received a double Michelin star, and he finally received permission to start watching Food Wars.

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