French Military Seeks Inspiration From Isekai for Creation of Flying Soldiers

The French military has begun preparing for what could be the future of warfare. First seen at the Bastille Day parade, a man armed with a rifle demonstrated to the public the operation of a jet-powered hoverboard, flying it above the parade and awing spectators. Inspired by the success of the demonstration, French officials have started to look toward isekai fiction in order to plan further use for the technology.

Fiction writers are already being asked to serve as visionaries in the arms race. Isekai serves as a potentially useful reference to the French military due to many stories already incorporating human flight. Officials claim the demonstrated hoverboard at the parade can only run for approximately 10 minutes. By referencing flying devices in isekai, engineers hope that they will be able to greatly extend flight time.

President Macron cheered the flying soldier on Bastille Day, briefly commenting on the possibilities of modern isekai warfare.

“Naturally it takes less to lift a child into air, so we’re currently looking for younger and lighter soldiers to put on hoverboards and unleash upon anyone who might threaten the sovereignty of France. This is the future.”

People involved in the project code-named “Tanya” confirm that the military has begun initial recruitment of a “loli army” to test out the second revision of the flying device. Witness of the initial tests confirm that the soldiers look visibly very angry and ready to attack the enemy.

According to rumors, French military innovations do not stop here. There have been talks about a new slime-type of weapon capable of disintegrating enemy fighters and all foreign substances. But the most fearsome of all just might be a new rumored super soldier project, capable of single-handedly winning any combat, nicknamed ominously just “Kirito”.

Bastille Day and recent reveals have raised public concern leading to a sharp increase of people wishing to transport themselves into alternative universes where modern warfare is less of a joke.

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