Funimation Seeks New Revenue From Scratch-Off Lottery Tickets

Funimation Seeks New

FORT WORTH, TX – Funimation Entertainment, the Flower Mound-based film production company, is turning to an unusual source in its quest to find new revenues: the Texas Lottery.

“We’ve been counting on fans of anime to continue to express their love for it by continuing to buy our products, but the numbers have not been as strong as we’ve predicted,” Lance Heiskell, Funimation’s Director of Corporate Strategy said at a press event held at a Dallas 7-Eleven. “However, we are excited about the new direction this company is taking.”

“We are impressed at the creativity shown by Funimation at trying to change the direction of the company. While sales may slow down, revenue should increase and reduced expenditures from licensing must make them feel good about their business.” Credit Suisse analyst Michael Exstein said.

“Playing the lottery is a much more reliable financial strategy than licensing anime,” Exstein added.

Lottery Commission spokeswoman Kelly Cripe was pleased with the new partnership.

“I think it is an excellent sign that local companies are willing to play our lottery games. It shows our efforts to make the Texas Lottery friendly to businesses,” Cripe said as a nearby Funimation employee happily held up an On the Money ticket to reveal the $5 prize.

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