Funimation Stops Streaming Services as Every Anime ‘Falls Outside’ Company’s Standards

Funimation confirmed with Anime Maru on Friday that it has removed all anime from its streaming platform, stating:

Earlier this week, we have determined that the series Interspecies Reviewers falls outside of our standards and we have removed it. After further reflecting on these standards that we suddenly realized existed, we have come to the conclusion that just about all anime fall outside of our standards and we will cease streaming services immediately. Anime kinda sucks apparently.

Sources close to Funimation report that the incident with Interspecies Reviewers has led to an audit of the other shows streaming on the website. This audit includes a thorough screening process not previously used by Funimation, which involves reading each show’s plot synopsis on Livechart and searching the name of the show on Google.

Funimation’s statement continues:

If some ecchi sex scenes and breasts fell outside of the our company’s lofty standards, then surely so too must yet another generic isekai like Infinite Dendrogram or BOFURI, or shameless mobile game shills like Magia Record and Fate/Grand Order. If you look closely, Plunderer has some big titties as well, and 22/7 is a few years too late to the idol anime party.

The statement continues to explain that for years the company has been aimlessly licensing as many shows as it could possibly get its hands on, not realizing that anime in general “kinda sucks”.

Honestly we didn’t realize we were an anime streaming site at first, we’ve kind of just been going with the flow.

The statement concluded with a message of regret that it took them years to realize that seasonal anime “was trash”, just like how it took them three episodes of subbing and dubbing to realize what Interspecies Reviewers was about.

The future of Funimation is now uncertain. Sources have indicated that the site intends to become an anime meme aggregator website. Others claim that Funimation will dedicate itself to streaming the one show that people subscribe for: My Hero Academia.

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