Funko Announces Line of ‘Kantai Collection’ Funko Pops


Following the announcement at this year’s Wonder Festival that Good Smile is planning on releasing a line of Nendoroids based on various Disney and Pixar characters, rival figurine company Funko made their own announcement that they have just licensed the popular Japanese mobile game Kantai Collection for a line of their popular Funko Pop figures.

“We’ve delved into anime figures before with our Attack on Titan and Sword Art Online lines, and we decided that if Good Smile is going to edge in on our territory, we’d better edge further into theirs,” Funko representative Steven Keming told Anime Maru. “Since like half of all Nendoroids seem to be based on Kancolle, and since we already have a Hatsune Miku Funko Pop, it seemed like a natural next step.”

“We’re not super familiar with Kancolle, but considering how many Nendoroids [Good Smile Company] have made of the series it must be tremendously popular worldwide,” Keming continued. “We’ve already got an adorable prototype of Shimakaze with our trademark horrifying beady eyes, and we’re planning the initial line at 10 figures that we’re going to flood the market with.”

Funko has also announced plans on expanding their anime selection. A company spokesperson stated that after careful research into Good Smile Company’s products, and anime that are popular here in America, Funko plans to license series such as Bungo Stray Dogs, Strike Witches, and Touken Tanbu -ONLINE-.

“We think we can put our trademark Funko spin on these popular characters, but honestly people seem to buy whatever random crap we put out, so we’re not too worried.”

Kancolle fans have reacted to this announcement with horror and disgust, but admitted that they’ll probably still buy the figures anyway.

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