Fuuka Manga Readers Outraged by Anime Adaptation’s Attempts to Make the Plot Less Stupid

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Following the release of episode 10 of the anime adaptation of Fuuka, readers of the manga were outraged to learn that the adaptation had removed the nonsensical twist of the lead heroine being hit by a truck and dying in the middle of the story, and went onto social media to protest Diomedea’s apparent attempts to improve the story.

“The only reason I’ve been following this show week to week is to see people’s reactions when Truck-kun arrived.” Reddit user M0thertruckr posted in the weekly discussion thread. “Then after 9 episodes when he finally shows up the driver stops the car before hitting her! It’s not fair, these poor anime-only viewers will never get the chance to suffer like I have!”

“Now the plot’s going in a totally different direction, and we’re never gonna get to all the even more absurd twists from the manga! We’ll never meet the 2nd Fuuka whose dad is the truck driver that killed the first Fuuka, or the 3rd Fuuka who got plastic surgery to look identical to the first Fuuka and pretend to be her. I’m not kidding, these are actual characters that make up the main love triangle of the story! This isn’t what I signed on for, I was promised ridiculous melodrama and now I’m only getting base-level melodrama!”

In response to this fan outrage, Diomedea has released an official statement:

“First off, we would like to put to rest the idea that we made this change in order to make the story better in any way. The only reason we bought the rights to Fuuka was so that we could make people suffer in the same way that Seo Kouji has. Unfortunately, we quickly realized that not only was everyone spoiling the twist with ‘sly’ jokes, but as it turns out we didn’t actually have any anime-only viewers to begin with. Our only option was to fake you all out by pulling a reverse-twist, and going off the reactions we’ve gotten it’s worked spectacularly. While we doubt we’ll be able to create a new ending as bullshit as the original manga, we’re certainly looking forward to trying!”

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