Gainax Makes Internet Poll to Determine Direction of New Project


TOKYO, Japan — Gainax has started an Internet poll for fans to vote on the themes and genre of its next anime project, to be released next year.

“This is a great opportunity for our fans worldwide to have a voice in what they would like us to work on,” said Gainax President Yamaga Hiroyuki. “We’re very eager to see what fans truly want out of a new Gainax animation project!”

Fans can go to Gainax’s websit to vote on the poll. There are currently five options on the poll:

  • Harem anime
  • Romantic comedy anime
  • School life anime
  • Idol anime
  • All of the above

Currently the “all of the above” option is winning the poll, with 69% of the vote.

“That is very surprising to hear,” said Yamaga when told of the results. “We certainly didn’t see that result coming when putting this poll together. That would be an interesting anime to make!”

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