Gamers Unable to Experience ‘Sword Art Online’ Due to Graphics Card Shortage

Bandai Namco excited fans when it revealed that its latest title, Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet, would be adding a much anticipated VR mode. The update takes advantage of the latest in virtual reality technology in order to make players feel as if they are in the world of Sword Art Online. The new features come at a cost of significantly higher system requirements with players needing an extremely powerful PC in order to run the game properly.

Unfortunately, most gamers have found themselves unable to upgrade their systems to meet the new requirements due to a shortage of graphics cards on the market. A spike in cryptocurrency values over the past few months have sent cryptocurrency miners into a frenzy, buying every graphics card available in hopes of making a quick profit. As miners continue to purchase large quantities of cards, most gamers have been left out of luck when it comes to finding new cards for themselves.

“This is such bullshit. Why can’t cryptominers find something more useful to do with their time,” League of Legends streamer Brain Mandelbrook told Anime Maru. “It will be months before I can even think about upgrading my rig at this point.”

Many report being unable to find graphics cards at their normal retail cost at all, with some cards going for as much as three times their typical price at some retailers.

“I guess my dream of having my own virtual harem isn’t going to come true just yet,” PC gamer Anthony Felix dejectedly stated tossing his Oculus Rift headset into a bin. “At the current prices, there’s just no way I can get a new graphics card right now.”

The shortages have discouraged many fans who have looked forward to new game features such as a “hardcore mode” which delivers a dose of fatal voltage through the user’s VR headset should they die in the game and new online voice filtering options which prevent players from realizing that they might actually be flirting with one of their relatives.

Graphics chip manufacturer Nvidia has addressed the issue, stating that it was working with suppliers in order to help deal with the unprecedented increase in demand for video cards, although the company was still confused as to why anyone would still care about Sword Art Online.

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