‘GameStop: Fly Me to the Moon’ Makes Seasonal Anime Debut

The anime adaptation of the original manga GameStop: Fly Me to the Moon officially debuted this week to much online fanfare. The unique series is based around an amateur investor and his encounter with a video game retailer’s stock that suddenly explodes in value.

The story follows Nasa Yuzaki, a young investor new to the stock market. One day while checking his Robinhood account on his phone as he crosses the street, Nasa is hit by an oncoming truck. Thrown into a several month long coma, Nasa later awakes to find that the world has been hit with a disastrous pandemic that has crippled the global economy. Having lost his job and discovering that his savings has nearly been decimated, Nasa finds himself in a dire financial situation. Just as he is about to lose hope, Nasa sees a comment posted on a message board. “GME to the moon!!” the comment reads followed by several rocket ship emojis. Figuring there is little left for him to lose, Nasa decides to invest his entire remaining cash balance into the stock unaware that the decision will soon dramatically affect his life from that point onward.

The anime is primarily a slice of life romance focusing on the relationship between a young man and his one true love, money. Readers of the original manga have described the series as a very sweet and tender story, likely referring to the main protagonist’s fondness for chicken tenders with barbecue sauce.

While mostly heartwarming, GameStop: Fly Me to the Moon is not without its ups and down. Hedge fund managers, losing money on shorting the stock, soon attempt to manipulate the market to drive the share price down and prevent individual investors from seeing positive returns. Nasa’s commitment is put to the test as he continues to hold his GameStop shares despite the stock becoming more and more volatile.

Due to the initial popularity of the series, financial experts have advised viewers to exercise caution when dealing with their own investments and not to make risky trades based on popular trends. Fans reportedly began buying large amounts of AMC, BlackBerry, and Nokia stock shortly thereafter.

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