Gas Station Attendant’s Dream of Owning Drift Car Ends with Legalization of Self-Pumping in Oregon

COLTON, OR – A local man’s dream of one day owning a drift car was crushed this month with the legalization of self-service gas stations in Oregon. The new law, which allows motorists in rural counties to pump their own gas, ends the state’s long history of requiring an attendant to be present to serve gasoline for drivers.

Joseph Steinwell, an attendant who works the evening shift at his local station, discovered that his position would be eliminated with the introduction of self-service pumps. The news came as a blow to Steinwell who had been saving up his paychecks with the intent of eventually purchasing a vehicle capable of drifting.

“This job was perfect for what I needed,” Steinwell told Anime Maru. “It requires no tangible skill whatsoever and most of the time I don’t even do anything. This old guy who smokes a lot stops by here during the day and we sometimes chat a bit about cars. Late in the evening barely anyone even comes by so I usually just wait around watching Keiichi Tsuchiya videos.”

Steinwell expressed that he had hoped to just continue his lackluster work style until he could save up his paltry wages enough to be able to afford a new car. With the loss of his job, the young man now has doubts of ever making his dream a reality – a dream, Steinwell claims, he has had ever since he overtook a box truck one night while driving through the mountain roads.

“I really don’t know what I’m going to do now,” Steinwell admitted. “I was really just banking on the whole mountain drifter thing that I really didn’t have anything else lined up.”

While Steinwell has been forced to put his dream on hold, he has currently made do by buying a large aftermarket muffler for his 1998 Honda Civic. His neighbors last report seeing him sitting at the end of his driveway revving his engine excessively at 2 in the morning.

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