Gen Urobuchi Will Direct Third Season of ‘Love Live!’


TOKYO, JAPAN — Thousands of fans of the popular Love Live! School Idol Project TV anime were met with exciting news this weekend when Gen Urobuchi, famed writer of hit, blockbuster shows such as Aldnoah.Zero took on his first directing job as head director of Love Live!’s third season.

To find out just how excited fans were getting, Anime Maru hit the streets of Tokyo.

“This is going to be the anime of the century” says Nathan Lee, a fan easily identified by the Nozomi Toujou body pillow he carries with him at all times. “Not even in the ironic sense like I said with season 2, this is going to redefine the medium. I’ve always thought that Love Live! was missing that certain matured air that Urobuchi’s shows have. I just don’t know what his plans are for this!”

Unsatisfied with Lee’s generic response, our reporters looked more towards the fans of Gen Urobuchi who hadn’t yet familiarized themselves with the Love Live! franchise. We met up with Shu Tanaka at his home in Akibahara.

“I’ve been a fan of Urobuchi for many years now, so I’m really excited about him branching out into roles other than writing. I remember watching through his repertoire years ago before I got put under house arrest for disturbingly upsetting the public. I really felt changed after I watched his stuff, you know?”

Anime Maru was fortunate enough to briefly see Mr. Urobuchi himself at a press conference he was holding following the announcement. Before entering the conference room Urobuchi addressed the crowd outside and said “let’s just say Nico will get what’s coming for her and that Honoka did nothing wrong”.

Unfortunately Anime Maru was unable to enter the conference to find more info on account of what the bouncer called “unfit credentials”.

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