‘Genshin Impact’ Will No Longer Run on Hardware Made in Taiwan

Gamers earlier this week noticed that newly-released Breath of the Wild-style gacha game Genshin Impact has stopped functioning on various PC’s.

The game has previously made headlines for censoring the words “Taiwan” and “Hong Kong”. Genshin Impact is from Chinese developer miHoYo, which must comply with the country’s regulations regarding media content.

In a tweet thread posted Tuesday, independent journalist Kenji Yamagawa claimed he was first suspicious when the game no longer worked on his personal computer. Upon further inspection, he discovered that Genshin Impact detected his Republic of Gamers STRIX B450-F, which is made by Asus, a company based in Taiwan.

Netizens bases in mainland China praised the game this week in various message boards, claiming that the word and mere concept of “Taiwan” is a threat to China’s territorial integrity. “We do not recognize the rouge province known as the Republic of Gamers,” one angry comment read, “People’s Republic of Gamers is the only legitimate brand of gaming hardware full of unneeded RGB lighting.”

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