Georgia Flips Blue in Surprise Top 10 Anime Betrayal

As vote counting nears conclusion in the state of Georgia, Democratic candidate Joe Biden has suddenly taken the lead over President Donald Trump. The development increases the chances of a Biden presidential victory as the election comes down to the wire in key battleground states.

If Biden manages to retain his lead, it would be the first time since 1992 that Georgia has voted for a Democratic president. All neighboring states are currently leading or have already declared Republican victory, leaving Georgia as the only blue leading state in a region largely dominated by red. The Trump campaign had previously expected a victory in Georgia with the state initially leading red until suddenly switching over as the remaining ballots were counted. Political analysts are calling the development “completely savage” and one of the biggest anime betrayals of all time.

Neither candidate has yet secured victory as the nation waits for the final ballot count. While no anime betrayal is expected to top Georgia, both Pennsylvania and Nevada are also projected to reach at least the top 10.

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