Ghibli Inspired Worlds Announced For Kingdom Hearts III



Through a rather large loophole in Disney’s distribution rights, Square Enix has obtained the license to Studio Ghibli’s entire library. Naturally fans have been hoping for some inclusion of Ghibli’s work for quite some time, now it looks like it’s finally happening. With a plethora of new titles to draw from, Square announced three new levels for their latest Kingdom Hearts game. These new levels will be based on three classic films by Studio Ghibli. Will fans finally get to see Ohmu, No-Face, or even Totoro in their favorite video game? Let’s take a look at these recently announced levels!

tales-from-earthsea-50f0f792a355f-e1423575377408Tales From Earthsea — Adapted from the Earthsea novel series, Sora must help Goro Miyazaki come to terms with the fact that he’s not as good as his father and never will be. Of course Donald and Goofy are there for the ride too, encouraging the young Miyazaki to give up on continuing his father’s legacy. Along the way they’ll learn that sometimes it actually is better to give up, and how important friendship really is.


pompokoPom Poko — Who could forget this Ghibli classic? In this world Sora and the gang are transformed into Tanuki, which is Japanese for “hideous dog/raccoon hybrid”. Square Enix assures fans that they’ve developed a new physics engine to emulate Sora’s newfound racoon testicles. Several new attack, running, and bouncing animations have been added to compensate for Sora’s gigaton gonads. In fact a new Keyblade with a nice round set nuts of is rumored to be unlockable after the level is complete. You can tell Square’s really on the ball with this one.

grave-of-the-fireflies-c2a9-studio-ghibliGrave of the Fireflies — Things really start to heat up as Sora and his friends are brought back to World War II era Japan! Here they meet orphans Seita and Setsuko, who quickly become allies in the war against the heartless. In a new level gimmick, players will have to keep Setsuko healthy in order to complete the level. Sora will have to scavenge through the wreckage of war torn homes, fighting off other starving war orphans for scraps of food. Hopefully Setsuko likes to eat duck, because if not they’ll just have to make do with cooked dog! After the level has been completed, Sora will receive a Setsuko’s ashes. This will be used to call her spirit as an assist character. Square proves onces again that they know how to respect their source material.


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