Giant Dragon Summoned During Dragon Ball Puzzle Hunt


LOS ANGLES, CA — Anime Expo attendees fled the dealer’s hall today as a giant dragon was summoned during the “Dragon Ball Super Puzzle Hunt” event. The Dragon Ball Puzzle Hunt was put on by Scrap, the company behind the “Real Escape Games,” which put you in a fictional setting which you can only escape by solving puzzles.

We interviewed Guy Valadez, a player who was involved in the game. “I showed up to the booth and a blue haired chick just handed me an actually functioning Dragon Radar and said ‘Okay, go collect the Dragon Balls.’ I was surprised, I know that Scrap advertises immersive puzzle events, but I wasn’t expecting it to be quite so authentic.”

Players were sent around to collect Dragon Balls from various difficult to reach locations throughout the convention, such as the “In This Corner of the World” screening, the Jonny Cruz interview line, and the booth for a mysterious service called “Daisuki.”

“When we finally brought all the Dragon Balls together at the the Bandai Namco booth today, a pillar of light rose into the sky and the giant inflatable Shenron exploded as an actual dragon was summoned. He started saying something about wishes but we were immediately ushered out of the hall with no explanation, which was par for the course I guess.”

When pressed for comment, Scrap admitted that the whole puzzle hunt was a ploy to revive all of the people who died during last year’s “Zero Escape Puzzle Hunt.”

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