Giants and Redskins Eliminated from Holy Grail War

Giants Master Tom Coughlin transfers mana to Caster Eli Manning after defeat in the Holy Grail War

The New York Giants and the Washington Redskins have been eliminated from the Holy Grail War this week, with both teams defeated viciously in battle.

The Redskins crumbled at the hands of the Indianapolis Colts Archer Andrew Luck to lose their 4th straight battle. Washington’s defense was helpless as Luck unleashed his Noble Phantasm and passed for 370 yards and 5 touchdowns.

“We didn’t capitalize on their weaknesses early on; we need to compete with more energy if we want to win. Mana transfer has been a huge issue all year and we need to address that moving forward,” said Redskins Master Jay Gruden after the battle. Gruden used two command spells to will Lancer Colt McCoy to 392 yards and three touchdowns, but it was not enough to stop the Colts offense.

Meanwhile, the New York Giants were shockingly upset by the lowly Jacksonville Jaguars, who managed to overcome a 21-3 deficit. The Jaguars scored two touchdowns off fumble recoveries, including a fumble by Giants Caster Eli Manning. Though the Giants were technically eliminated from the Holy Grail War earlier this week, this defeat offered narrative closure to their failed quest for the Holy Grail.

The Giants performance this Holy Grail War has called Tom Coughlin’s future as Master into question.

“The Giants have missed the playoffs in five of the past six iterations of the Holy Grail War, yet Coughlin still manages to summon Caster every time,” the New York Post reported.

Despite these brutal defeats, some fans nevertheless remain optimistic for the future.

“RGIII didn’t work out for us, but I think we have something special with Colt McCoy,” said Redskins fan Mark Arlett. “There’s always next Holy Grail War.”

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