Glasslip Episode 05: Don’t Judge Me


I do not remember what compelled me to pick up Glasslip this season. I believe I thought it was about glassblowing which sounded pretty cool and offered some interesting potential. Then I realized that P.A. Works is responsible for the show. Now that five episodes –almost half the show — has passed, I have to admit something kind of embarrassing.

I don’t know anything about the show.

Now, anime blogging is a safe place where I know my writing and opinions will be immune from judgement. I vaguely recall that there are two guys, and one of them is kind of an asshole. I can also tell the theme songs and background music is pretty good from doing more interesting things on my other monitor such as Twitter, YouTube videos, and my tax audit. From the occasional glance, the animation is pretty and the main girl (I think she’s the protagonist) is kind of cute. I don’t know anyone’s names.

I think I saw a glass furnace in an episode once, so I was not mistaken when I read the anime synopsis. There are also chickens.

In conclusion, Glasslip is kinda cool I guess. To conclude this Episodic Anime Blog Post here are a bunch of screenshots.

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