‘Goblin Slayer’ to Feature More Shots of Birds in Order to Seem More “Artistic”, Less “Edgy”

Latest episode of Goblin Slayer confused, and amused, audiences with its closing scene — a near 2-minute close-up of a bird’s eye, followed by the credit roll. Though this sparked speculation about a production error, series director Takaharu Ozaki has now revealed that the scene was intentional and made in a response to criticism of Goblin Slayer being too “grimdark” and “edgy” by integrating sophisticated cinematography to give the impression of a cultured art film.

“I used the previous weekend to binge Andrei Tarkovsky films such as Stalker and Solaris, and I’m pretty sure their usage of long and static shots of mundane objects is why people consider them smart,” Ozaki commented. “It’s high art and it’s deep, so I don’t expect you to get it.”

The next episode of Goblin Slayer will reportedly feature a 7-minute still of a bird’s leg as the opening scene followed by a 4-minute still of a bird’s feather near the end of the episode, making 11 minutes of the entire episode just images of various birds.

Anonymous fans commented that the new direction is a welcome change of pace as staring at stills of birds is still more engaging than staring at the horrifying CGI models Goblin Slayer utilizes.

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