God Eater Anime Revealed to be Written, Produced, Directed and Voiced by Single Middle-aged Man


As yet another episode of the current God Eater anime has been delayed, UFOtable has released a statement revealing that the series has been, in its entirety, produced, written, and directed by a single middle-aged man named Akira Kotobuki.

In a clip taken from an upcoming Making of God Eater special that will replace the initial airing of the series’ 9th episode, the 45-year-old Kotobuki¬†reflected on how came to be the sole person working on such an expansive multimedia project:

“Well, one day I came to work and everyone was sitting in the meeting hall going on and on about some new project we had lined up. I didn’t know anything about “God Eater” back then and assumed it’d be about¬† some kind of epic struggle between people and the gods, so when they asked who wanted to take a crack at it, I naturally raised my hand and gave an enthusiastic “I do, sir!” Looking back, I really should have thought about that for a minute when the rest of the crew started laughing at me for some reason.” Akira then sighed, shook his head, and starred longingly out a nearby window, where the chirping of birds reminded him of a better yesterday in which he wasn’t working on the God Eater anime. “But later I actually go to play the darn game this thing was based I was horrified. It was just a bunch of teenagers in silly clothes fighting dopey looking monsters! And the story…urgh, it sounded like it was written by a bunch of middleschoolers! But by then it was to late to just back out, and that is how I came to be the poor soul responsible for the entirety of this mess.”

God Eater The Animation has been fraught with production delays, missed episode airings, and a host of others issues since its premier nearly two and a half months ago. While fans had long wondered just was going on at UFOTable to necessitate such delays, the revelation of Mr Kotobuki being the only person working on the project has dispelled many rumors that the anime is simply a side project that no one at the company actually cared about.

“Akira is probably the hardest working guy here. He comes in every day, works till 9 at night and then goes straight home only to do the same thing the next day.” commented Ufotable president Matsuri Ouse. “So its understandable that he’d have to take a break once in awhile from producing an entire show by himself. I hope the fans will take these delays in stride, and send Akira messages of support so that he will get better soon and finish this daunting projects once and for all.”

As of press time, the God Eater anime has been slated to wrap up “before Shaft releases Kizumonogatari.”

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